2015 Survivor Pool  
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Welcome to the 2015 Sunshine Kids NFL Survivor Pool. This Survivor Pool has been in existence for a number of years now. If you are not familiar with it - here's a little background. The pool was started well over ten years ago as a pool between a few friends mainly for fun. As technology evolved, it became possible to put the pool online and include friends that were scattered all over the country. Eventually the pool grew through invitations to friends of friends, family, coworkers, etc.

As the pool grew, I became involved with an organization by the name of the Sunshine Kids Foundation. The Sunshine Kids Foundation works with hospitals and kids across the United States that are going through cancer treatments. The more I learned about the foundation the more I wanted to help them in setting up activities for these kids. By then the pool had grown to several hundred players and the decision was made to donate 20 percent of the gross entry fees to the Sunshine Kids Foundation. The prize money remains a substantial amount and some money is raised for a great cause at the same time. It's not often that you can have some fun, the possibility to raise money for a good cause and have a good payday all at the same time.

Please feel free to invite family, friends and coworkers to join in this year's pool. Last year we had 460 players and it would be great to increase that number. Last year's prize money was $9,200!!

Here is how it works - Each week you pick one team to win. There are no point spreads involved. If your team wins or ties - you move on to the next week. If your team loses - you're out of the pool. Once a team is used, you may NOT use that team again in the pool. The final score, after overtime periods, if any, decides all games. The pool continues until there is a single player surviving. If the regular season ends and there is more than 1 remaining survivor, the prize will be split between all remaining entries. If there is no true winner (everyone loses once), the entrants who lasted the longest with split the prize pool. The only exception is, at any time, the remaining live people can unanimously vote to split the prize pool. Requests can be made through the pool administrator at mike@sunshinesportspools.com.

The weekly entry deadlines are as follows:

Week #1 ? Thursday, September 10 @ 8:30pm
Week #2 ? Thursday, September 17 @ 8:25pm
Week #3 ? Thursday, September 24 @ 8:25pm
Week #4 ? Thursday, October 1 @ 8:25pm
Week #5 ? Thursday, October 8 @ 8:25pm
Week #6 ? Thursday, October 15 @ 8:25pm
Week #7 ? Thursday, October 22 @ 8:25pm
Week #8 ? Thursday, October 29 @ 8:25pm
Week #9 ? Thursday, November 5 @ 8:25pm
Week #10 ? Thursday, November 12 @ 8:25pm
Week #11 ? Thursday, November 19 @ 8:25pm
Week #12 ? Thursday, November 26 @ 12:30pm
Week #13 ? Thursday, December 3 @ 8:25pm
Week #14 ? Thursday, December 10 @ 8:25pm
Week #15 ? Thursday, December 17 @ 8:25pm
Week #16 ? Thursday, December 24 @ 8:25pm
Week #17 ? Sunday, January 3 @ 1pm

Any questions Mike@SunshineSportsPools.com. Good luck to everyone!
In the 2014 version of this pool there were almost 460 entries. Prize money (80%) totaled $9,200 and the amount donated to the Sunshine Kids Foundation was $2,300.

All entries are to be paid prior to the Week #1 entry deadline. If you are paying by check please make the check payable to Mike Del Duca and send it to 83 Ryder Way, New Providence, NJ 07974. You need not wait until you submit your entry to send in your entry fees. Unpaid entries will receive an invoice via email when the entry is received. The invoice amount will be grossed up to cover the credit card fees. Invoice payment may be made online by credit card. Either way?. Check or credit card ? entries must be paid by the start of Week #1.

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